Improved service by adopting the best current practice


In January, as part of our regular process of continuing professional development, we held a workshop with our inventory clerks. The main area we focused on was how much new, well proven, technology could improve accuracy and productivity.

We have a standard to reach, and we have piloted the use of tablets to create inventories and reports by selecting standard text and synchronising on-line. However we have found it does not give a good result – there are never enough standard words and phrases, and dropping photographs into the pages creates very large file sizes. It also takes longer at the property.

We have found that digital dictation and transcription is still the best, and the required proof reading is a good check.

As the workshop unfolded, we were all able to learn improved techniques. Where appropriate we are now using tablets more, to read and work on existing documents, rather than paper and pen. Incorporating reduced sized photographs at the end of reports was also explored, allowing us flexibility and increase efficiency.

It was a very worthwhile exercise, and we expect our clients to benefit from the results.

If you have any questions or comments about our inventory services then please contact us.

“Many thanks for all your help. Your clerk was very helpful and efficient, and we will certainly use your services again."

Tony Waring, Paragon Properties