Property inventory services

A good inventory is a key part of protecting all parties involved in residential property rentals.
Landlords, Residential Lettings Agents, Relocation Agents and Tenants can all benefit from a good property inventory. It provides an accurate record of the contents and state of any property and will be the basis for avoiding future arguments, and in the worst case be the basis for legal proceedings.

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Landlords property inventory services


A wise landlord will go through a number of steps when selecting tenants, including credit-checking and possibly interviewing them in person.

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Agents property inventory services


A significant part of this is the need for an inventory that accurately reflects the state of the property, and can be used at a later date as evidence if required.

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Corporate relocation services


Providing the right service and making a professional impact are a key part of that process.

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Tenants property inventory services


Many good landlords will commission a good quality inventory and give the tenant a copy.

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Booking property inventory services

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